Digital Key Apps

These Digital Key apps  demonstrate how mobile technology can be used to bring the history of a location to life. The apps are designed to be played on location but also have versions that can be played off-site.

Removing the artefacts has disturbed the spirits; now nine ghosts haunt the ruins, and each spirit has a tale to tell. The Ghosts of Nendrum is an interactive, location-based app that explores the history of Nendrum Monastery in County Down, Northern Ireland. This game allows you to explore the ruined monastic site and meet the ghosts of past inhabitants.

It’s 1315, Robert Bruce has defeated Edward II at Bannockburn and now his brother, Edward Bruce, is making his way to Ireland. Get ready to defend Carrickfergus Castle against the Scottish attack …

The Siege is an interactive, location-based, mobile app set around the walls of Londonderry. The Siege app combines GPS and mobile technology with contemporary real life accounts and dramatized reactions from townspeople to bring the key events of the 1689 Siege to life. Excerpts from the diaries and journals of Captain Thomas Ash, Reverend George Walker and Captain Richards are combined in this atmospheric, educational app.



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