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The heroes of Eamhain Mhacha are in trouble, only a warrior as great as Cú Chulainn can help them to escape. Explore Navan Fort to find Cú Chulainn’s weapons and tools to break Macha’s spell and free King Conor and his men.



QRCodeCú Chulainn’s Challenge is a free app for iPhone and Android  phones  and tablets with GPS & 3G that lets you explore the rich mythological heritage of Navan Fort (Eamhain Mhacha in Irish). Scan the QR-code to download the game onto your device.

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 Cú Chulainn’s Challenge game

This atmospheric adventure game for children is available in English and Irish and uses video and audio to recount the tales of Setanta/ Cú Chulainn. The app can only be played at the historic site of Navan Fort, which lies 2 miles outside Armagh City, Northern Ireland.

Navan Fort or Eamhain Mhacha is a place of of epic tales where great heroes have been made. But the heroes of Eamhain Mhacha are in trouble – King Conor Mac Neasa and his Red Branch Knights are under a spell at the top of the mound. Only a warrior like Cú Chulainn, can help them to escape, but Cú Chulainn is away fighting!

Can you find six of Cú Chulainn’s most treasured belongings that are hidden around Navan Fort? If you can, you will gain his strength and cunning and break Macha’s spell and free King Conor and his men.

But it won’t be easy, Queen Méabh’s spies and soldiers are all around and they will try and take Cu Chullainn’s weapons and tools for themselves.

Cú Chulainn’s Challenge Instructions

King Conor and the Red branch Knights are trapped at the top of the mound. You need to  find six of Cú Chulainn’s belongings to free the men. Avoid Queen Meabh and her spies who are located around the mound and outside the fort or they will take Cú Chulainn’s belongings from you.

Cathbhadh the druid guide

Cathbhadh your druid guide

1. Start the game at the Navan Visitor’s Centre or at the entrance to Navan Fort, where Cathbhadh, your guide, is waiting to greet you.





Cú Chulainn's Challenge map

Cú Chulainn’s Challenge map

2. Go up onto the fort to find Cú Chulainn’s belongings, they are marked on the map with Celtic symbols.





Cú Chulainn's bridle bit

Cú Chulainn’s bridle bit

3. When you find an item, Cathbhadh will tell you why Cú Chulainn treasures it.





Queen Méabh

Watch out for Queen Méabh

4. Don’t try to go up onto the mound or stray out of the fort until you have collected all six items because Méabh and her spies are waiting for you. If they catch you, they will take away your items and you will have to start all over again.



The mound at Navan Fort

The mound at Navan Fort

5. When you have collected all six items, Cathbhadh will guide you to the mound, where you will receive your reward.


NB: You need to be at Navan Fort/Eamhain Mhacha to play the game.

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